T1800E the New Generation Industrial Transfer Paper Printer

T1800E adopts high-performance industrial EPSON S3200 print heads, which is featured by its mass production up to 640㎡/h. Providing a more effective solution on mass production with high quality for clients, T1800E is equipped with the high-performance printing system, solid steel frame and tension adjustable floating roller. Its high-end configurations, such as continuous feeding and high-precision printing platform, can easily realize rapid printing and meet the mass production needs of users.

Products Details

Printhead EPSON S3200
Number of printheads 4/8 (optional)
Alignment One Row/ Two Rows (optional )
Ink Color CMYK
Ink Disperse Ink
Printing Speed Pass Resolution One Row(4*1) Two Rows(4*2)
1 300*600 dpi 380 m2/h 640 m2/h
2 600*600 dpi 200 m2/h 380 m2/h
3 300*1800 dpi 130 m2/h 270 m2/h
4 600*1200 dpi 100 m2/h 200 m2/h
Printing Media Transfer Paper
Max Printing Width 1800mm
Control Software JHF Printer
Interface PCIE
RIP NeoStampa, Caldera (optional)
Motor Linear driven printhead carriage
Power Supply AC380, 50~60HZ, 20KW, 38A
Operating Environment 25°C ~ 28°C, 55%~75%RH
Machine Size 4290mm*2270mm*1880mm
Machine Weight 2170KG
Decreased Compressed Air by 90% Its negative pressure controlling device reduces the use of compressed air for more than 90%. Easy Maintaining and Operating through Smart Cleaning System It is convenient for maintaining and operating the carriage through its auto-lifting and moistening device and auto-cleaning device. Constant Tension System Unique constant tension system offers the best preferable tension accordingly for different sizes of transfer paper. Unique Sub-tank Controlling Technology It prevents the ink leakage in case of sudden outage. Reliable and Stable Towline Solution Superb towline solution eliminates the failures of movable cables. Linear Driven Printhead Carriage Upgraded linear motor keeps high resolution, fast and stable printing. Stable and Static Printing Solution Using servo drive system and metal raster to achieve high precision printing, the output is more stable and noise-free. Smooth Feeding and Collecting Media feeding and collecting is driven by servo motor. Continuous mode can make the feeding more smooth and steady. Unique Heating Control System It is automatically controlled to power on and power off, achieving the real-time adjustment of heating temperature. For further information, please contact local JHF partner. Website: www.jhfprinter.com Specifications are subject to change without notice. All rights reserved.

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